Love At First Bark Designs is a handmade business with a passion for creating custom pet lover gifts.  Since 52% of U.S. households contain a family member who happens to be a dog, cat, horse, bunny, etc. we understand the need for personalized and unique products that celebrate a brand new pet, the current pets in your life, or pays tribute to a special pet who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Each Love At First Bark design is a 100% original creation and no two are ever alike.  Combining the names and/or nicknames of your pets with our extensive database of beautiful curated images, we create a handmade product that routinely exceeds our customers’ expectations.

THIS IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!! I am going to be the best gift giver at secret Santa!! Thank you so much. This is simply unique and wonderful. I’m so lucky I found you💗